Recommended Suppliers

Below is a guide to help those wondering about the kit requirements to take part in this hobby. 

Please be aware this merely a guide for those who have been training in HEMA for some time and wish to spend money purchasing their own personal equipment. 

This is NOT a minimum equipment requirement to join our club. We have plenty of spare club equipment for new members who wish to try it out. But if you are thinking of buying your own equipment these are the suppliers we would recommend. They are not the only ones but they are quite good.


General Protection

Masks, Gorget, Overhead protection, lower leg protection:


There are many types of gloves but the ones below are suitable for both steel longsword and arming sword & buckler, the two weapons we study. When ordering these gloves you can also pay a little extra to have an extended forearm for added protection:


If getting a longsword any products by Peter Regenyei are excellent. However there are two swords we would generally recommend: the standard feder without rings and the Light Trnava feder without rings

Arming Swords

If getting an arming sword for Sword & Buckler there are a few choices. The standard arming sword is excellent, however many people like the following for the way they behave slightly differently in fights. If you have any questions we are happy to make further more detailed recommendations.

For individuals with smaller hands the One-handed sword (No. 10) is very good. Another excellent sword for individuals who link more bind work in their fighting is the One-handed sword (No. 4). All custom arming swords can be found here



When ordering any sword you must state to the manufacturer that you want a thickened spatulated tip or rolled tip on the sword. Swords without this feature are not allowed in club training.