Fencing? So like the thing in the Olympics?

NO! Olympic or Sports fencing is a codified sport that has evolved from older systems of fencing. HEMA is a martial art. The syllabus is based on the study of historical texts, often translated by academics, written by various fencing masters at the time the weapons we study now were being used on a regular basis. While there is often a highly competitive “sporty” aspect to it, especially in tournaments, ultimately it is a full-body, full contact weapons based martial art.


Can I come along and have a look?

We always welcome anyone who is interested in coming along to see what it is like. While you can certainly sit in the hall and just watch, we do encourage everyone to try a class out. That's why if you do decide to drop in you should really bring a water bottle!


When and where do you train?

Please check our page on training and membership.


How much does it cost?

Membership of our club is €40 per month with an annual insurance fee of €50. 


But how much does it actually cost?

There is a selection of club equipment available to all members. This includes masks, nylon swords and gloves. So you do not need to spend a large sum of money just to try it out. We encourage new members to try it out for a few weeks and if they really like it we can recommend reputable suppliers of equipment who sell goods at very reasonable prices so you can slowly build up your equipment over time and not have any big initial expenses.


So what should I bring?

Make sure to come in comfortable clothes that you would exercise in and bring a water bottle. Like any other martial art you will sweat and get a bit of a work out.



How fit do I need to be?

While we encourage everyone to develop their fitness for their own personal health and wellbeing you do not need a minimum level of fitness before you join. Classes are run at the individuals level. If you have injurires, medical conditions or are a bit out of shape you are able to tailor the exercise to your level. However don't be surprised to find yourself become fitter and stronger the more you train with us.


Do you do any other weapons?

Our club focuses exclusively on German Longsword and German Sword & Buckler. While me may occassionally dabble in something different these would be fun classes to bring some variety to training. However if you find you would like to expand to other weapons after training with us we can recommend other clubs in Dublin which may cater to your wishes.


How old do I have to be?

For insurance reasons we are unable to accept individuals below 16 years of age. We also do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to train with us until we have spoken to a parent or guardian first.


Does it hurt?

This is a full contact, weapons based martial art. You will recieve some bruises. However it is still safer than hurling!


What happens if I can only make training once a week?

We deliberately organise our training to facilitate people on both sides of the city. As such we ensure that members who can only get to training once a week still have the opportunity to learn both weapon systems. So do not worry if you can only train with us once a week, however like any hobby the more you practise the more quickly you will improve.


How can I contact you?

You can contact us directly at our Facebook page or via email at dublinhemaclub@gmail.com