Dublin HEMA Club Events

The Dublin HEMA Club organises and hosts a number of events throughout the year, including the largest event in the Irish HEMA calendar Féile na Gaiscígh in February. Here you will find information on training and events in our club as well as information on other events organised around the country and abroad. See what's happening this month in our events calendar below, or scroll down for additional information. If you have an event you would like us to share please send the details to dublinhemaclub@gmail.com.



Dublin Hema League

In addition to weekly sparring we also run the Dublin HEMA League. This is a friendly in-house monthly sparring league. While for club members it is actually open to anyone who is interested in getting in more sparring practise. The cost to compete is €10 per person and there are three simple rules:

  1. Everyone fights everyone with a longsword
  2. Everyone fights everyone with an arming sword & buckler 
  3. Everyone helps with judging any fight they are no in 

Peoples scores are recorded and tracked. At the end of the year the person with the highest score gets a fun, frivolous prize. 

Other Events

This year for the first time we are hosting one of the legs of the HEMA Ireland Irish Historical Fencing League. This is a national Longsword league with four legs, each in a different part of the country. The Dublin leg will be in July with details being made available closer to the event.

We will also be orgainising our first every Arming Sword & Buckler tournament later in August or early September.

The main event that we organise ever year however is Féile na Gaiscígh (Festival of Warriors). Féile na Gaiscígh is the single biggest event in the Irish HEMA calender and has been running for five years.

It is a three day event comprising a large range of tournaments and workshops. This year we moved the date of the event from late June to the middle of February during the school midterm break. February is now the official time of the event in the future and will always be the weekend before the schools return from their midterm breaks.

We had an attendance of 46 individuals over three days from multiple clubs around the county as well as multiple countries.

We ran six tournaments: 

A novice nylon longsword tournament for individuals studying HEMA for 12 months or less, an arming sword & buckler tournament, a rapier & companion weapon tournament, a nylon sabre tournament, a ladies longsword tournament and the open longsword tournament. The tournaments ranged in size from 6 to 30 and the standard of fencing was even higher than previous years.

As well as the tournaments we had workshops from eight different instructors including some top international instructors. The workshops were on: German Longsword, Italian Longsword, Sabre, Messer, Rapier & Dagger, Side-Sword & Dagger, Single Side Sword, Arming Sword & Buckler and an intensive Strength and Conditioning for Tournaments class.

Everyone attending also had the opportunity to meet a diverse range of individuals all involved in this great hobby from around the country as well as from overseas.